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Pixlr Photo Editor

With the new online Photo Editor Pixlr you can manipulate, improve and create pictures easily, effective and completely for free

If you have already experiences with editor programs like Photoshop, to handle with Pixlr will not cause any difficulties. If you haven't worked with any photo editors before, the following instructions will give you some advice and help how to deal with Pixlr. Beside this instructions, playing around with the different tools in the menus at the top of the page makes fun and you will learn quickly how great this program is. 

1. Upload and Save pictures

If you click "Pixlr Editor" at the top of the Homepage, the first thing you have to do is to chose whether you want to create a new picture, open an image from the computer or open an image from URL.

If you want to upload an own picture, you click "Open image from the computer" and you can choose which picture you want to work at. 

You can save pictures by using the menu called "File" at the top of the page, left hand side.

This is an example of a picture before using Pixlr Editor 

2. Resize the picture

Nowadays, with the high technology of cameras, the pictures we make are mostly to big to put them online or to use them in the Internet. More than 100k for a picture is too much and so you often need to resize pictures.

If you go to the menu called "Image" by using the tool "Image size", it appears a little window where you can change the width and the height of your picture. In addition, there is a function called "constrained proportions" which choose automatically the appropriate height for a width or the appropriate width for a chosen height. By pressing "OK" your picture is resized.

3. Crop Tool

The crop tool lets you select a part of the image you want to remove. First you have to press the crop tool on the left hand side. Then you can select the area of the picture you want to keep and with a double-click the other parts will be removed. Additionally you can fine tune your selected area by dragging the four corners or moving the whole area.

The picture has now a new size and is cropped

4. Improve the quality of a picture

The function "Auto levels" in the menu "Adjustment" improves automatically brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of your picture. This is the easiest and fastest way to improve your pictures.

If you want to play around with the different tools and to improve things by yourself, you can do this in the same menu. In the first tool called "Brightness and Contrast" you can control and regulate the brightness and the contrast of your picture. The same thing you can do with the tool "Hue and Saturation".

If you just want to sharpen the quality of a picture, you can use the tool "Sharpen" in the menu called "Filter".

And finally, this is our new and improved picture.