Home site in a day
Your site in a day

10:00 Brighton and your web site is just a twinkle in your eye. You arrive at the doors of the BrightonWeb studios.

17:00 and you go home (or onto the beach, for we have beautiful rooms overlooking the sea) with your site launched and ready for your customers.

Before you arrive, we'll have helped you chose your domain name, registered it, and set up the core elements of your system. You will have done lot's of preparation for which we will have helped you decide what message you want to get across.  

We will sit you down with a cup of coffee (or tea) and a croissant and discuss template designs with you and how the design can be modified for your needs. We will then show you how to get your text onto the site, how to chose photographs and the best way to display them. We will show you the principles of content management and how you can use these to keep your site fresh and up-to-date (for the key to a successful site is to regard it as a work in progress).

We will give you an overview of the additional components available for you to use (when to use them, why to use them, how to use them) and we will install them for you if needed.

We will get your lunch and you can have a short time to relax. For in the afternoon, it is down to you. You will be creating your pages and producing your menus - but with our experts on hand to help you should you falter. By the end of the day your site will be ready to show to the world and you can then begin the process of making it work for your clients.

As you gain confidence, you may want to return for follow-up sessions on a variety of topics such as creating a newsletter, making your site multilingual, or adding a shop. Or it may be in learning how to blog, to how to get the best out of your computer (what is RSS, using Google Callendars, writing a blog). These can be done in half or full day blocks.

We look forward to seeing you. A full day session including lunch and refreshments is only £230 plus vat. Phone now on 01273 323 625 for more details. If you don't live in the neighbourhood, why not make your session part of a longer stay to our lovely city - we can arrange hotels, restaurants and tell you where to go Wink

PS - you will find your homework here. 

Building your site

On contacting us, we will advise you what will be best way to procede with building your site. Before you do this, you might like to look at some of the material below, which will guide you through the process. Here we will take you through the steps to think about when designing and building your site